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The Michelin Power Slick Ultimate  range was developed for experienced riders looking to set quick lap times. It benefits directly from the latest racing-developed technological breakthroughs. Its grip on dry surfaces is exceptional and it is extremely easy to master.

The front tyre, which features a new construction and compound, ensures impressive, reassuring cornering precision, not to mention enhanced grip under braking.

The rear provides maximum grip under acceleration in addition to outstanding longevity.

The range includes a choice of two versions for the front tyre (a medium/B compound and a harder/C alternative), plus three options for the rear tyre (soft/A-medium/B-hard/C) depending on track temperature and layout.

The particularly competitive MICHELIN Power Slick Ultimate range is perfectly suited to track racing. This season, for example, it is the tyre used by all competitors in the Spanish CEV championship, a fiercely-contested series which has seen Michelin enjoy an unbroken run of five titles since 2010.

For the range’s launch, the size of the rear tyre is 200/55R17, the exclusive race fitment for 1,000cc bikes
(front: 120/70R17).

available size: 
120/70ZR17, 180/55ZR17, 190/55ZR17, 200/55ZR17


Michelin had announced its return to MotoGP in 2016, for which it is gearing up for a new challenge, where motorcycles are now delivering up to 250 hp. The company said MotoGP is set to adopt the 17-inch wheel size that is the market standard for sports and road motorcycles.

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