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METZELER FEELGREEN - new Scooter tyre


The innovative tyre, which will be sold from 2014 as exclusive original equipment on the new electric scooter from BMW, minimises roll resistance in favour of greater energy savings

The new scooter tyre from Metzeler ‘Feelgreen’ has already been chosen as original equipment by BMW for it’s electric C evolution scooter, unveiled today at the international press conference and which will be used by some journalists at the Olympic Games to move around the area. The new electric scooter from BMW will be fitted with the following set of Metzeler Feelgreen tyres: 120/70 -15 (56S) FEELGREEN on the front and 160/60 R15 FEELGREEN on the rear.
There are many factors which affect the energy or fuel consumption of a two-wheeled vehicle and the tyres play a crucial role. Consumption is based on the concept that, in order to move a tyre forward, energy is required. The new Feelgreen from Metzeler was designed to guarantee low energy dissipation. Metzeler engineers worked hard to reduce the weight of the tyre by 17% and the rolling resistance by more than 25% compared to the Metzeler Feelfree. The rolling resistance figure could be even higher once the current perfecting phase ends. The Feelgreen riding performance maintains the characteristic elements that Metzeler products are famous for: quick warm-up and excellent handling, which is indispensable for city riding.

When a tyre is in motion, the structure tends to deform normally and the elements that make up the tyre such as the compounds, tread, carcass and profile tend to dissipate energy. Feelgreen was designed with the aid of the F.E.A. technique (Finite Elements Analysis) which uses the concept of “cooperation” between these elements, and defines the best combination of deformation state, material choice and geometries to ensure the least possible dissipation of energy.
A significant result was obtained, in part, from a high silica content compound, a new tread pattern and a new profile, specifically designed to favour a reduction in rolling resistance.

The tread element also plays an important role in rolling resistance and the design of the tread area geometry as well as the tread pattern was fundamental, forever looking from the ecological standpoint at extending the life of the scooter’s battery pack.
The innovative tread pattern was designed to favour rolling, defining geometry and positioning of the longitudinal and transversal grooves in such a way so as to guarantee maximum safety even in wet conditions.

The new Metzeler Feelgreen will be available from 2014 as original equipment on the BMW C evolution electric scooter as well as being available as a replacement part.
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