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New Sport Touring motorcycle tyre Bridgestone Battlax BT-023


From February 2010 onwards Bridgestone’s latest “full spec” sport touring tyre will be available in European markets. The Battlax BT-023 replaces the BT-021, and the Japanese manufacturer reports that the new tyre offers a significant upgrade in mileage and wet performance compared with its predecessor, as well as by meeting the handling expectations of the most demanding sport riders. All in all, adds Bridgestone, the BT-023 provides a wider range of choices for larger bikes by delivering consistent high-level touring and sport riding performance.


The BT-023 is said to provide superb wear life and wet cornering thanks to the re-designed angle-groove pattern and Silica Rich Ex compound with “RC polymer”. Both the front and rear tyres are constructed with Bridgestone’s Mono Spiral Belt (MSB) technology, which Bridgestone says provides top-level grip, shock absorption and straight-line stability at speed. The rear tyre features a three-layer compound made up of a shoulder compound intended to give “reassuring grip through corners” and a centre compound with wide contact area for stability and smoothness when cruising.

“The Battlax BT-023 is an important launch for Bridgestone” said Gunther Podevyn, senior manager Motorcycle Tyre Products, Bridgestone Europe. “Sport-touring is the largest market sector and with the BT-023 we have a product that can deliver full-spec performance at a high level. We expect strong sales, especially through our new Bikers’ Club outlets across Europe.”

The Battlax BT-023 will be introduced with five front wheel sizes (60 to 80 series) and seven sizes for the rear (50 to 70 series). An optional specification will also be available for heavyweight bikes such as the  BMW K 1300 GT (120/70ZR17 BT023 GT and 180/55ZR17 BT023 GT).

This specification will feature a ‘special’ pattern and cross belt construction on the front, combined with an MSB + 1 belt rear construction; the result for heavier bikes being, says Bridgestone, light handling, sharp braking and long wear life.



Front Rear
110/70ZR17M/C  (54W) 150/70ZR17M/C  (69W)
120/60ZR17M/C  (55W) 160/60ZR17M/C  (69W)
120/70ZR17M/C  (58W) 160/70ZR17M/C  (73W)
120/70ZR18M/C  (59W) 170/60ZR17M/C  (72W)
110/80ZR18M/C  (58W) 180/55ZR17M/C  (73W)
  190/50ZR17M/C  (73W)
  160/60ZR18M/C  (70W)

 Bridgestone BT023 VIDEO