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Motorcycle Tyre Specifications "A" "B" "..." for some special bikes


Motorradreifen: MICHELINfor example: 120/70 ZR 17 M/C TL 58W PILOT POWER
This is the standard Pilote Power from Michelin, but for some bikes there are specifications.
Especialy in Germany  wher you can drive as fast as you want on the  "German Autobahn" the producer put the bikes on special OE tyres produced just for this or for a small range of bikes.



You can check this when you enter in the tyre details >>

and klick near the "Test" button on "my Bike"
There you see for what bike this tyre is recomendet.

Also when you search from the beginnig by motorcycle - you will finde just the recomendet tyre for yor bike.
What not meens you are not allowd to put the "normal" version on you bike. It is defenetiy the bether tyre for your bike.
Michelin:   " ... These tires are original equipment developed. In common with driving the vehicle manufacturers are model-based solutions for security-related criteria Shimmy, kick-back and develop high-speed stability and driving characteristics, such as Handling, steering and cornering stability optimized. These are constructive changes to the tire, such as an additional Karkass other thread angle of the substructure, or a different contour of the tire, etc. It is imperative for the retrofitting of additional ID to be respected.  In general, in Germany regiserd motorcycles allow only this tires with specification, the tires on the release or in the car for the relevant papers are listed motorcycle. "
Raceres know for examle the same tyre problems in the motoGP  or  F1  wher all have now the same tyre, but they works different on every car or bike.