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Continental GelaendeSport Intermediate


All-around motocross tyre for training and racing on soft to hard terrain
Features Front Tire:
80/100 - 21 (51M) TT NHS
• High traction and stability during braking, thanks to the CAD-calculated knob geometry
• Stable in deep lean angles with maximum directional stability and exact steering
• Very good self-cleaning ability
• Modern tread compound for longer life and even wear of knobs during braking and cornering
• Very good side stability at high cornering speeds, thanks to high traction from the triangular positioned side knobs
Features Rear Tire:

100/100 - 18 M/C 59M TT NHS - in preperation
110/100 - 18 M/C 64M TT NHS
100/90 - 19 M/C 57M TT NHS
110/90 - 19 M/C 62M TT NHS

• Extremely high holeshot traction for fast acceleration out of  the gate and out of corners
• Reinforced X-ply construction with good inherent damping for more stability and control in slides and jumps
• Newly developed compound for constant grip, even in longer races, all combined with a long life
• Very good transfer of braking forces through an optimal pattern with broad, transverse knobs