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With a rapidly evolving performance cruiser market, Avon Tyres, a Cooper Tire & Rubber Company brand recognized for its heritage and top quality tyres, have listened long and hard to what their cruiser, custom and touring customers demand from a tyre. Handling, durability and aesthetics were high on the list. So when it came to replacing the extremely popular Venom-R, Avon has more than met these requirements with an exciting new tyre range called Cobra.

With its unique snakeskin sidewalls, aggressive tread pattern and low noise emissions, Cobra silently defeats all roads that stand in its path. While performance figures and the weight of custom cruiser and touring bikes continue to escalate, Cobra is a tyre that coils around these opposing attributes to allow the rider to exploit them like never before.

Avon’s development team wanted to improve manoeuvrability at both high and low speeds, dismissing the common belief that wide tyres are unable to corner proficiently. A taxing undertaking for a tyre that can be fitted on stereotypically cumbersome machines.

In order to achieve their goal, advanced manufacturing techniques first used in Avon’s successful sporty Viper range have been adapted and applied to Cobra. WCTA – Wide Custom Tread Arc – is Avon’s new tyre profile that gives Cobra a nimble characteristic once reserved only for agile race-bred bikes, all without disrupting all-important stability.

To improve handling in the much wider Cobra sizes, they are formed using A-VBD (Advanced-Variable Density Belt). This construction technology utilises a jointless belt of ultra-strong material. Above the carcass, these strands are wound closely together at the tyre’s centre for increased stability and wear resistance. Towards the tyre’s edges the fibres are then progressively spaced out to allow the tyre to take on a multi-compound effect as the tyre leans.

With a fang mark and coiling indentation appearance, Cobra’s snake-like tread pattern looks commanding. But this aggressive pattern is not just for show. Developed by Avon, Force Following Grooves (FFG) follow the exact direction of forces that are transferred through the tyre. These channels in the tyre’s surface significantly reduce irregular and advanced wear on bikes that carry heavy loads. Each Cobra rear tyre also features the distinctive snake’s head logo on the sidewall.

Available in a wide range of sizes, incorporating fitments for Harley Davidson’s V-Rod, Triumph’s Rocket III, Honda’s Goldwing and Valkyrie with some suitable for custom bike applications.

Ride longer. Ride harder. And know that whatever the road ahead brings, Cobra will help you defeat it.

Cobra Key points

o Aimed at the power cruiser/custom market
o Incorporates sports tyre technology for nimble handling
o Special construction to deal with heavy loads
o Incredible stability and longevity – perfect for touring
o Unique ‘snakeskin-effect’ sidewall and aggressive tread pattern
o Extra wide sizes for custom bikes
o Unique Honda Goldwing fitment

Cobra AV71 Front

120/70ZR19 (60W)   Harley V-Rod
130/70R18 63H         Honda GL1800 Goldwing,
120/70-21 62H          Custom size
130/60R23 65V         Custom size
150/80R16 71V         Kawasaki VN2000
150/80R17 72H        Honda Valkyrie

Cobra AV72 Rear

180/60R16 74H        Honda Goldwing
180/70R16 77H        Honda Valkyrie
180/55ZR18 (74W)  Harley V-Rod, older model
200/60R16 79V        Kawasaki VN2000
200/55R17 78V        Harley Softail
200/55R18 79V        Custom size
220/50R20 83V        Custom size
240/50VR16 (84V)   Triumph Rocket III
240/40VR18 (79V)   Harley V-Rod, 2008 -
250/40VR18 (81V)   Custom size
280/40VR20 (89V)   Custom size
300/35VR18 (87V)   Custom size

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