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Promotion Video from the new Pirelli Diablo Rosso


In order to announce the birth of the new Diablo Rosso, Pirelli has chosen a brand new communication codex that focuses its attention on product characteristics, dedicated to the last generation Supersport and naked bikes.
The result is an evocative concept-movie with a fictional storyline: the birth of a new biker who finds himself in thrall to the performance and charm of Diablo Rosso

In a desert town a new biker is born. Naked, as if launched to earth from another planet, looking for his biking identity. This discovery comes through distinctive signs - like the leather jacket or the helmet, which take on characteristics of the new tread pattern of the Diablo Rosso.
And so he sets out on a path through the desert town. With his passage, the biker gives life to the city with new skyscrapers and buildings, which represent his interpretation of the town, when lived from a viewpoint of a motorcycle rider.
A series of visions during his path to self-discovery remind him of a beautiful and unattainable woman and the Rosso concept that she represents with her beauty and sensuality, emphasized by her nude shoulder - which reminds him of the tyre’s shoulder.
The movie ends in a moment of life. A pub, a bunch of friends, the woman previously seen. The man now rediscovers the social dimension that comes through being a real biker, to start again following new emotions.
Conceptualized by the Pirelli marketing dept, the movie is under the direction of Emiliano Suardi, a young talent from the world of music clips, and the photography of Luca Fantini.
3d visual effects complete the modern opera.
Shot in slow motion, in order to stress the mental perception of the product by its user, using recording machines set at 50 frames per second, the movie expresses dynamism and speed even in the most dramatic slow motion sequences. This allows us to appreciate to the full the performance capabilities and the beauty of this new Pirelli product.
The movie is fragmented by subjective view of the protagonist, with views limited by the shape of his helmet and a sound design which replicates with high fidelity his breath: a real immersion in the biker’s personality which drives to the inner emotion of every biker.