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The new Pirelli motorcycle tyre Diablo Rosso was presented on the EICMA in Milano.


 Diablo Rosso is a new, and significant tyre. Diablo Rosso is more than a mere product.

Diablo Rosso is a new generation of tyre, engineered with revolutionary Pirelli technology: EPT (Enhanced Patch Technology). Pirelli technicians have reached a turning point, discovering the real key to performance: the maximization of the contact between the bike and ground. Diablo Rosso can count on a set of tyres working in coordination to keep extraordinary contact between the bike and the ground, offering the modern rider and his latest generation machine the ultimate in road performance.

The nude shoulder of DIABLO ROSSO is certainly its distinctive mark, delivering great performance in terms of grip at full lean in the dry. We must also remember that the tread design is but one important component, but tyre structure and compound are also key points which deliver great stability on the straights, a feeling of safety and grip on the wet, and ‘urban proof’ handling that helps take you out of town, whatever bike you ride and wherever you might go.

But with Diablo Rosso, talking about grip, traction, precision or any of the other characteristics that make it the reference product in the Supersport segment, is not enough. Outstanding performance is just the point Pirelli technicians started from, marking out the borderline to the past and opening up to a new generation of riders’ needs. Diablo Rosso is born of the strong Diablo heritage, one that puts the rider’s emotions at the very centre of its abilities.

Diablo Rosso takes us a step forward, becoming part of a lifestyle where Rosso represents the interpretation of the desires and demands of modern bikers.

Rosso is part of every rider who enjoys maximum lean during cornering as well as taking in the landscape surrounding him when riding on twisty roads.

Rosso is in the biker who wants an astonishing tyre, one that allows him to really exploit the potential of his bike, and allowing him to feel that all the while he is making the most of life itself.

Rosso colours his urban life: the city is not a limit for a Supersport biker; it is the stage of his personal daily play. It is the backdrop of biking life when you park up to rendezvous with your friends, and decide where to go to escape the town.

Living ROSSO makes the bike more than just a vehicle, the leather jacket more than just clothing, and the nude shoulder of your tyres is something you like, something you caress in the same way you touch your dreams and the roads you remember when you close your eyes.

For a sporty Sunday afternoon ride or a cruise downtown, through the places to see and be seen, before a visit to that welcoming place you know serves the best pasta in the world…