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Metzeler motorcycle tyre - TOURANCE EXP


For every motorcyclist who loves enduro, Metzeler is a brand which represents a particular value, an image of excellence and a tradition of success. Street enduro riders view the Metzeler TOURANCE as the product which sets the standard. Metzeler technicians have pressed on with their development work and have come up with a new product in response to the increasing specialisation of bikes in this class.

This was the origin of the TOURANCE EXP, which stands out for its delivery of maximum performance in the sports touring which modern maxi-enduros allow, without sacrificing the possibility of taking light off-road detours in its stride. To ensure the level of excellence which Metzeler has always offered its enthusiasts, and to put Metzeler once again in lead position with this innovative product, the new TOURANCE EXP is the first tyre to equip not just the rear but the front as well with Metzeler’s patented solution of the zero degree spiral wound steel belt. With an aggressive design and world-class performance, the TOURANCE EXP is being launched to meet the characteristic requirements for this kind of riding – stability, long tyre life and grip in the wet – thanks to the advanced Metzeler technology applied to the various components of this product. Compound, structure, tread design: all the elements have been designed to offer the maximum performance.

Metzeler technicians have developed a new compound which delivers top performance in all conditions and rapid warm-up to working temperature. This has been made possible thanks to new-generation polymers which give the tyre less
rigidity when cold but greater rigidity (thus improving stability) at full temperature. Its excellent behaviour in the wet is the result of the use of a new relationship between lampblack and silica, which improves grip on cold, damp and wet surfaces without affecting behaviour in the dry. High mileage has been achieved as a result of new chemical components which come into play during vulcanisation of the tyre to strengthen the internal structure of the compound. Finally, the application of “Cap & Base” technology, which uses compounds with variable rigidity between carcase and
tread, gives improved distribution of the stresses acting on the tyre, and therefore increases stability.
The zero degree spiral wound steel belt on front and rear, combined with a lightweight carcase with optimum structure, ensures the maximum level of handling and precision at high speeds, with a contact surface optimised for every situation. Front and rear tyres have been designed to operate together to jointly achieve the best results, and it is this search for maximum performance which has led to the introduction of the zero degree spiral wound steel belt which is now fitted at the front as well as the rear. The result is an improvement in stability both under braking and at high speed and greater precision in the bends, thanks to the “A-B-A” scheme in which the steel ply is arranged so as to ensure maximum precision at every lean angle.
The use of this solution has made this tyre set immune from possible problems of
shimmy (oscillation of the front wheel) and kickback (backlash at the rear wheel).The
tread design has been aimed at ensuring maximum performance both on-road and offroad.
The large tread blocks allow a broad contact area, while their shape is designed
to maximise water dispersion on wet tarmac, and at the same time, thanks to their
accentuated angles, to give good traction off-road. All this is combined with the
characteristics which made the TOURANCE so popular and widely appreciated: its
quietness and comfort.
The TOURANCE EXP improves on the performance of the TOURANCE, which is
already the benchmark product in this field, and makes it the best fitment for the new
and demanding generation of maxi-enduro riders.