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New pattern from Dunlop


The new reference point for street tyres

Developed from our highly successful Sportmax Qualifier and Sportmax GP Racer tyres, the Qualifier RR combines selected elements of each of those tyres to create the ultimate Dunlop Hypersport tyre.

  • Triple Tread compound for increased grip at every lean angle but especially so during extreme cornering. Triple Tread Compound also delivers faster warm-up, improved wet road grip, better grip consistency. Other crucial benfits are increased stability when accelerating and braking hard aswell as when transitioning from upright to full lean.
  • Tread pattern based on the Sportmax GP Racer and the championship-winning Sportmax GP optimises pattern stiffness for increased grip and cornering feedback as well as excellent water drainage.
  • Dunlop's Jointless Belt (JLB) rear tyre construction reduces contact patch distortion, minimises the effect of centrifugal force and lessens internal stresses thereby reducing excessive heat build-up and improving high-speed stability.
  • New tyre profiles improve agility and reduce steering effort.