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ContiTour is the brand new tyre for riders of big custom bikes, cruisers and choppers. Again, the tread pattern offers efficient drainage properties for excellent grip on wet roads.

On the rear tyre, a central band with no tread boosts mileage returns and limits tread movement for increased stability under acceleration.

A brand new compound formula has been designed and tested by our experienced team to deliver excellent mileage and consistent performance throughout the life of the tyre.

The ContiTour can you buy cheep in folowing size:

MT 90 B16 (74H)    
130/90 -16 (67H)
130/80 -17 (65H)
130/70 -18 (63H)
100/90 -19 (75H)
80/90 -21 (48H)

130/90 -15 (66P)
140/90 -15 (70H)
150/90 -15 (80H)
170/80 -15 (77H)
MT 90 B16 (74H)
MU 85 B16 (77H)
130/90 -16 (73H)
150/80 B16 (77H)
180/65 B16 (81H)