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METZELER MCE 6 DAYS EXTREME chosen as Original Equipment tyre for 2017 new Enduro models of Husqvarna Motorcycles


New two-stroke and four-stroke models of the Swedish-founded brand will exclusively use METZELER tyres as Original Equipment (90/90 – 21 M/C 54M M+S front and 120/90 – 18 M/C 65M M+S and 140/80 – 18 M/C 70M M+S rear)

METZELER MCE 6 DAYS EXTREME, the tyres which are protagonists of the FIM Enduro World Championship, were chosen by Husqvarna Motorcycles as Original Equipment tyres of the 2017 Enduro range which was presented these days in Huskvarna, Sweden, the country where this historic brand was founded in 1903.

The choice of Husqvarna Motorcycles involves the use of tyres with 90/90 –21 (54M) M+S for the front, while for the rear there are two different options: 120/90 –18 (65M) M+S for TE 125 two-stroke model and 140/80 –18 (70M) M+S suitable for two-stroke TE 250 and TE 300 models, FE 250, FE 350, FE 450 and FE 501 four-stroke models.

MCE 6 DAYS EXTREME is the flagship Enduro tyre for the METZELER range; approved by the F.I.M., it won 26 titles in the FIM Enduro World Championship in twelve years, with eight consecutive titles in the FIM SuperEnduro World Championship. Thanks to the results achieved, MCE 6 DAYS EXTREME confirms itself as the reference tyre on the scenario of international competitions, as the result of long-lived METZELER participation in this segment. MCE 6 DAYS EXTREME holds all the technological development achieved by METZELER during his winning tradition in the Enduro field, whose debut dates back to 1935: this product presents itself as the ideal solution to take advantage from the high performance these bikes now have, in all conditions of use.

The FIM Enduro World Championship requires the tyres to have the maximum yield in terms of strength, reliability, durability and traction to achieve top-level results: with MCE 6 DAYS EXTREME, METZELER was able to realise a tyre able to obtain wide spread approval in the off-road context. For the fulfilment of this Enduro tyre, METZELER has matched its technological excellence to the new and increasingly important demands of the market, raising the level of the competition thanks to its constant range updates over the years.

With this exclusive Original Equipment agreement, METZELER and Husqvarna Motorcycles matched their experiences to offer a high quality bike-tyre union, outstanding handling and high performances.


For the creation of the MCE 6 DAYS EXTREME compound, METZELER use high-performance carbon black in order to strengthen the blocks’ structure and ensure a more stable tread pattern.

The new generation of polymers allows METZELER tyres to offer greater resistance to abrasion, cuts and tearing, counteracting the frequent and premature wear phenomenon which occurs especially in tough terrain.


With MCE 6 DAYS EXTREME the German-founded house offers a versatile tyre, able to adapt itself to different terrains covered during racing Enduro activities. Thanks to the high resistance Polyester carcass, METZELER provides a model with structural characteristics higher than ever before, while improving the stiffness, increasing the soft properties and structural stability, all elements by which the rider has greater control of his bike in all conditions.


On the rear, the MCE 6 DAYS EXTREME presents a tyre profile design with a different curve radius that provides excellent traction and high wear resistance, thanks to a large contact area which involves multiple blocks at every lean angle for better grip in the ground, which reduces also the specific stresses.


Tread and blocks characteristics

The tread pattern development is designed with a different approach between the front and rear tyre. Up the front end the spaced blocks are able to grip continuously even on soft ground, allowing the tyre to maximise the self-cleaning properties.

Those blocks present a V distribution on the tread, to which is added an asymmetrical design of the central blocks which guarantees maximum precision while straight riding, combined with an increased braking stability.

The blocks located on the innermost part of the tyre shoulder are arranged instead with a directional design that improves stability, while the lateral ones are reinforced to allow the tyre to have a higher resistance on the hardest of terrain. 

The central section design of the rear tyre has an alternating geometry of the blocks which ensures a more fluid rolling characteristic when riding straight. The MCE 6 DAYS EXTREME rear has been realised with a specific alignment in the blocks distribution from the centre towards the sides, following a diagonal line which guarantees the maximum lateral support in the turns, while the internal blocks of the shoulders allow the rider to have a better control of his bike during acceleration, when getting out of the bend, responding better to the stresses.

In addition to those used by Husqvarna Motorcycles, MCE 6 DAYS EXTREME is available in the following sizes: 90/90 – 21 M/C 54M M+S Hard and 90/100 – 21 M/C 57M MST front, 130/90 – 18 M/C 69M M+S e 140/80 – 18 M/C 70M M+S Soft rear.

The continuous updating of MCE 6 DAYS EXTREME range is conceived by METZELER with a particular focus on compounds: other sizes were introduced, such as 90/90 – 21 front and 140/80 – 18 rear, the same chosen by Husqvarna Motorcycles for its Original Equipment.

As a tyre manufacturer for the best FIM Enduro World Championship teams, METZELER with its MCE 6 DAYS EXTREME offer its riders a product with is considered the best Enduro tyre to win in the most extreme conditions, especially developed to provide high performance and dominate the most important international competitions.